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Take a look at some of the film and television productions we have produced, co-produced and serviced over the years.

Death and Other Details

Detective Rufus Cotesworth and protégé Imogene digs the truth in a wealthy sailing boat in the Mediterranean where everyone is hiding something.

Shame on Dry Land

A drama set against the world of online gamblers who fled Sweden for Malta. An exiled conman goes to a lavish wedding, seeking redemption but derailing on a wild goose chase of lies, deceit and murder.

A Summer in Malta

Enchanting bays, rocky cliffs, and crystal-clear water—the idyllic setting of “A Summer in Malta” a romantic comedy produced for ZDF


A neo-realist drama offering a rare glimpse into Malta’s fishing industry.

the window pellikola

The Window

A look at the multi-billion dollar business surrounding international professional football.

Love on the Rock

Former detective Colton Riggs retires to Malta, but his idyllic Mediterranean life is soon turned upside.

undercover malta pellikola production


The Belgian Federal Police finds itself on the track of one of the world’s largest XTC networks.

torpedo film poster pellikola


A team of Belgian resistance fighters takeover a German submarine during WWII.

the art of malta film production pellikola

The Art of Malta

The Art of Malta is a documentary series about the history of art in Malta explored through different themes and masterworks.

girlfriends pellikola itv tv show malta production


Girlfriends is a six-part ITV drama series from writer-director Kay Mellor. The production chose Malta as a stand-in for Spain.

film production company malta


Entebbe recounts the story of Operation Entebbe, a 1976 counter-terrorist hostage-rescue operation.

marea film malta pellikola production


An adult son goes on a fishing trip with his father and ends up risking his life.

by the sea malta pellikola

By the Sea

Vanessa and Roland head to a remote seaside town in an attempt to repair their listless marriage.

game of thrones pellikola malta film

Game of Thrones

Pellikola serviced the first season of this acclaimed television series, which was shot in Malta in 2010.

The devils double pellikola production malta

The Devil’s Double

Latif, an Iraqi soldier, is forced to become the body double of Saddam Hussein’s notorious playboy son Uday.

agora malta production film pellikola


One of the biggest European productions of all time, Agora’ was shot in Malta in 2008.

U 900 film movie malta production


It’s 1944 and Germany want to send their last available submarine on a secret mission.