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Production company: Rollem Productions, ITV
Director/s: Dominic Leclerc, Kay Mellor
Producer/s: Kay Mellor, Polly Hill, Josh Dynevor
Country: UK
Cast: Phyllis Logan, Miranda Richardson, Zoë Wanamaker
Format: TV Series
Language/s: English
Genre/s: Drama
Running time: 6 x 46 min
Year: 2018
Status: Completed

After the dramatic and sudden death of Linda’s husband Micky, childhood friends Linda (Phyllis Logan), Sue (Miranda Richardson) and Gail (Zoë Wanamaker) find themselves back together again. Each has their own problems to face; from a looming divorce from the husband she still loves and the loss of a high-powered job through age discrimination, to juggling the endless responsibilities of their grandchildren and aging mothers.

Girlfriends is a six-part ITV drama series from writer-director Kay Mellor. The production chose Malta as a stand-in for Spain. Girlfriends shot for over two weeks in the capital city Valletta, Armier, Marsaskala and Golden Sands.

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