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The Window

Production company: ZDF Enterprises, Fuji Telelvision Network, Boogie Entertainment
Director/s: Claudia Garde, Adrian Shergold, Pieter Van Hees
Producer/s: Rolant Hergert, Robert Franke
Country: Germany, Japan
Cast: Tommy Bastow, Mel Raido, Samuel Jordan, Lynn Van Royen, Jode Tyack, Carole Weyers
Format: TV Series
Language/s: English
Genre/s: Drama, Suspense, Action
Running time: 10 x 52 min
Year: 2020
Status: Post-Production

Football is a multi-billion dollar business. The Window is a thriller preoccupied with the elite world that surrounds professional football. Written by James Payne, The Window borrows its title from the term commonly used to describe the brief period during the year where footballers are traded. The series follows Jordan Burdett (Samuel Jordan), a talented 17-year-old player from the North of England, who is set to score a big contract.

Malta appears as itself in this television co-production (Japan-Germany). Shooting on location in Malta for over two weeks, The Window features two of the island’s established hotels, as well as the cities of Valletta, Marsa and Citta Vittoriosa.

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