torpedo film poster pellikola


Production company: A-Team Productions, Column Film, Pellikola
Director/s: Sven Huybrechts
Producer/s: Kobe van Steenberghe, Hendrik Verthé, Yves Van de Paer
Country: Belgium, Netherlands
Cast: Koen De Bouw, Thure Riefenstein, Ella-June Henrard
Format: Feature Film
Language/s: Dutch, French, English
Genre/s: Drama, War, Adventure, Action
Running time: 104 min
Year: 2012
Status: Completed

A WWII action film, Torpedo (aka U-235) centres on a team of Belgian resistance-fighters. Their mission: to travel from the Belgian Congo to New York, takeover a German submarine and smuggle uranium needed for the Manhattan Project. Directed by Sven Huybrechts and starring Koen De Bouw, Thure Riefenstein and Ella-June Henrard. The film was produced by A-Team Productions (Belgium) in co-production with Column Film (Netherlands), 10.80 Films (Belgium) and Pellikola (Malta).

Torpedo utilized Malta’s seascape, with the Malta portion of the shoot taking place primarily at sea, just a short distance away from Marsaxlokk. The production built a 67m replica of the U-boat’s exterior for the Malta portion of the shoot.

The film was released on 23 October 2019.

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