Island of Oblivion

Island of Oblivion

Production company: Pellikola, Wild Skies
Director/s: Jamie Vella
Producer/s: Oliver Mallia
Country: Malta
Cast: Alberto Brosio, Ariadna Cabrol Espinal, Paul Portelli, Jacqui Losco
Language/s: English
Genre/s: Drama
Running time: TBC
Year: 2023
Status: Post-Production

Odysseus and his love Calypso live a life of pastoral island bliss. But tranquility gives way to turbulence, when Odysseus discovers the apparent truth about his history and identity. He has a choice: to confront his past, as well as the treacherous seas, or to remain sheltered away in world of comfort and love with Calypso.

Based on Book 5 of Homer’s epic poem The OdysseyIsland of Oblivion is a Maltese production written and directed by Jamie Vella. It features Alberto Brosio as Odysseus, Ariadna Cabrol Espinal as Calypso, Paul Portelli as Captain Eurylochus and Jacqui Losco as Penelope.

Island of Oblivion showcases local talent and presents some of the island’s most stunning locations, including Ghajn Tuffieha, Manikata, Gharghur, Mizieb, Mellieha. The film also utilized the Malta Film Studios. The film is scheduled for release in 2023.

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