Cash rebate

Malta offers a cash rebate of up to 40% on most expenses incurred during production on local and EU services.

Feature films, television series, documentaries and reality shows are all eligible for this incentive programme, provided that they are at least partially produced in Malta and they pass a Cultural Test.

Since the introduction of the financial incentives in 2005, we have helped several international productions obtain a total of over €25 million in incentives.

A substantial

Up to €5,000,000 on above-the-line costs and unlimited expenditure on below-the-line elements are eligible for the rebate.

Local & EU

Eligible items include all salaries, rentals and services connected to the Malta shoot which are either hired locally or from any other EU country.

is eligible

Any post-production and visual effects conducted in Malta are also eligible for up to 40% cash rebate.


A Certificate of Provisional Approval is provided within 3 weeks of application. The approved cash rebate is provided within 5 months from submission of final application;


Advances of up to 20% of total rebate can be obtained during principal photography. The cash rebate can also be cash-flowed by Pellikola through licensed 3rd parties. Terms and conditions apply.